We have experience from travelling in 180 countries!

And we have at least as many years of experience in the industry – together, that is.

We are passionate about discovering and experiencing new things and developing. Travelling!
And therefore, of course, we also want to help others to have the best travel experience.
The best travel experience is to get really close to what you are most interested in.

Together with the right people and our knowledge, we put together trips that allow you to discover and experience what you are most interested in. Maybe the history of the Hanseatic League, fly fishing in Canada, wildlife in Madagascar, orchids in Borneo, gamelan music in Java, food in New Orleans… or whatever you’re most passionate about.

We’d love to help you!
Regardless of whether you need help with an entire arrangement or if you just want help with individual parts.

'To travel is to ... discover, experience and develop a lot.
Preferably together.'